Washington County Recycling to change Tuesday hours


Beginning Tuesday, April 2 and lasting through first Tuesday in November, the new summer operating hours for the Washington County Recycling Center will be from 8–11 a.m. This is a change from the 1–4 p.m. hours that have been in use for the past several months and are followed during the winter months.

The Saturday morning hours will remain the same: 8 a.m. to noon. The Tuesday session is normally held for commercial interests; however, if an individual or family would find it easier to recycle on

Tuesday rather than the traditional day on Saturday, they are very welcome and encouraged to come in on Tuesday.

Those items that are recycled at the Center include newspaper, magazines, books, white and colored paper, plastics (1's and 2's), aluminum cans, tin cans, aluminum foil and pans, pasteboard, and cardboard. Unfortunately, at this time glass cannot be excepted at the Center. At the Center, these items are sorted at stations. For that reason, it is so very helpful if the recyclables are sorted into various areas at home before bringing them to the Center.

The Center has been in operation for almost 34 years with the profits being returned to the community in the form of college scholarships, grants and other types of help. The Center is administered and ran strictly by volunteers. For further information, please take a look at the Washington County Recycling Center webpage.

The Washington County Recycling Center is located at 440 South Third Street in Blair.

This is just south and a half mile east of Family Fair Grocery Store here in Blair.