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Peat bogs are found mainly in the boreal and temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere.  They are especially found in Europe, Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia and Russia where there is a regular … more
Blue poison dart frogs are small, very bright blue amphibians that have royal blue limbs and a dark blue belly.  There is an irregular pattern of small and large spots covering the head and … more
Gateway Development Corp. tried to tie together the fate of the two ballot questions facing Blair voters in Tuesday’s statewide primary election. “Two Questions... One Future” was … more
There have been a number of historic events in the history of humanity, such as the Industrial Revolution, that have changed the direction and future of the human race.  Our early human … more
In some parts of the country, the high school rite of passage known as the post-prom party is no more. A victim of the COVID closure culture and rising costs, among other things, fewer communities … more
One of the very important and significant natural treasures of North America that many people don't think about or recognize are the Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes are a series of five large … more
The 108 th Legislature’s Second Session has come to an end and with it, the combination of two years worth of work. Thirteen of the 26 bills that I introduced found support of the Unicameral … more
In an attempt to finish the 108 th Legislative session well, debate has moved along quickly with intentional conversations and negotiations to improve legislation that we can all agree on. I was able … more
The Revenue Committee joined forces with the Governor’s office this year to put together a property tax relief plan that found a vehicle through LB 388. An increase in sales tax, levy caps on … more
Mountains are found at numerous places all over the Earth, and new mountains are being created all the time, although the process takes millions of years. Also, old mountain ranges are being … more
Athletic programs are often celebrated by entire communities as people gather together to cheer on their favorite team during various sport seasons throughout the year. Regardless of small-town … more
Since its release in 2013, my favorite movie has stayed the same. I saw “The Great Gatsby” when it first came out and I never looked back. It stuck with me so much that I … more
Late night debate has kept us busy at the capitol, giving us time to work through approving the budget and other priority bills. The Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee Priority Bill, LB 1073, … more
For decades, there has been a stigma around people with tattoos. Some call it wasted money, others consider it a sin and many link them with criminality. The reality is, a third of Americans have … more
Amphibians such as frogs and salamanders live part of their life on land and part in the water. Most species lay eggs that hatch in water where the hatchlings start out their life in a larval … more
So Eppley Airfield is getting a $950 million renovation. That’s Omaha. Why should we care? For starters, most of us fly. And many of us fly out of Omaha. As Nebraska’s largest … more
The conversation that evolves around taxes in our state usually refers to property taxes. However, I’d like to address inheritance tax. We are the only state in the Midwest that still … more
With mass shootings still infiltrating headlines, I sat down to watch one of my favorite movies —”The Fallout.” This movie is a true testament to how students in America overcome … more
For generations, the peanut (aka groundnut, goober, monkey nut) has been a favorite and healthy snack food for many.  The peanut is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. It is a … more
The ability to work brings purpose and a sense of accomplishment for many Nebraskans throughout our state. It takes both determination and an interest in the wellbeing of our loved ones and … more
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