Lights a needed safety feature on Highway 133


Drivers headed to and from Omaha may notice some new additions along state Highway 133 — street lights.

Within the last couple of weeks, crews have been busy installing these lights at three of the major intersections along the highway, including at the Lakeland subdivision, the “Calhoun cutoff,” and the “Kennard cutoff.”

When the four-lane expansion of the highway was opened in 2017, it was expected to improve safety for residents commuting between Blair and the Omaha metro area. And it has.

But other safety concerns have come to the forefront.

Numerous residents have reported drivers heading the wrong way in northbound and southbound lanes, whether by mistake or for other reasons.

Though the speed limit is set at 70 mph, some drivers appear to be going much faster. Some recent court records show drivers who have received tickets for going nearly 20 mph over the speed limit.

Anyone who has driven the highway at night knows it can be difficult to see.

With hundreds of people living in Lakeland, along the Calhoun cutoff and in Kennard, these three intersections are the busiest along the highway. Traffic can be heavy, especially coming out of Lakeland. These lights will hopefully make the intersections and vehicles more visible.

Even without the new lights, drivers still need to keep safety in mind. Stay aware of your surroundings and abide by the laws.


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